What is Tapestry?
Tapestry is a 3 day-long dance retreat, focusing on dance traditions and sacred concepts. There will be over 30 hours of instruction plus additional activities during the span of those 3 days.

When & Where is it?
Tapestry will take place next in the Seattle, Washington area. Projected dates are June 2014.

Who will be there?
The past teaching staff has included Alessandra Belloni, Amel Tafsout, Artemis E. Mourat, Lee Ali, Anaar, and Tempest. We are working to confirm the next line-up, which be announced in January 2014, if not sooner.

We are expecting students from all over North America, as well as Europe and Asia.

Who should attend?
If you're interested in learning more about dance traditions, the cultures they come from, and their related spiritual traditions, then this is the event for you. It is our goal to expand the dance community's understanding of trance, sacred, and folkloric dances, as well as the music, history, and practices related to them. We also focused on helping individual dancers reach a new, deeper level within their dance, while creating a profound community experience.

How much is it?
Please consult the registration page for the exact details. We are offering a special early-bird price, payment plan with deposit, and if space is available, a standard rate.

How do I get there and where should I stay?
coming soon...

Are there performance opportunities?
Yes. There will be a Salon on Saturday evening featuring Tapestry instructors, special guests, and Tapestry registrants. Once you have registered for the event, you can apply for a performance slot. There will be 15 spaces available for Tapestry registrants. There will also be plenty of "open dancing" throughout the event.

Will there be vending?
Many of the instructors will have items for sale, and we may have a separate room for a few select vendors. If you are interested in vending, please e-mail us at info@tapestry-dance.com with "Tapestry Vending" in the subject line. We are also considering having a Meditation/Massage room, so if you have holistic services you would like to offer, please e-mail the above address with your info.

What to do in Seattle?
coming soon...

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