About Tapestry

Tapestry is a 3-4 day-long dance retreat experience that brings together multiple traditions of dance, music, and ritual practice including Arab, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean. Tapestry is not a yearly retreat - but rather happens when all the right elements align. Currently we are looking at June 2014 for our next event. Workshops and related activities will be led by an esteemed group of internationally-acclaimed instructors - past instructors have included: Alessandra Belloni, Amel Tafsout, Artemis E. Mourat, Lee Ali, Anaar, & Tempest. Enrollment will be limited to only 40 participants.

Our goal is give students an opportunity to expand not only their knowledge and practice of dance traditions, but to explore the sacred and spiritual concepts related to these traditions, and what they mean to us as modern, global citizens. The entire program is designed to give students a full-bodied experience with comparative instruction in dance movement, music, song, history, and ritual - as well as providing an enriching communal environment for the length of the program.

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